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The Brickpark mindset is as simply as this:
Our newlyweds are the ROCKSTARS!

Brick Park Wedding Entertainment

Brick Park is extremely proud to announce that we have been chosen again this year as "The Knot Best Of Weddings"! We now hold awards for 2010, 2011 & 2012...Thanks to all the brides that have voted for Brick Park over the years!

   2011 Pick - Best of Weddings on The Knot   2012 Pick - Best of Weddings on The Knot   Brides

As seen in the video here, Brickpark Entertainment makes it easy for engaged couples that are wondering how they are going to be introduced into the reception, lead into first dance, followed by toasts then create a packed dance floor. we designed this video to help answer some of the questions that we get when an engaged couple ask when they are looking for the right band for the big day or even when we are at the week of their wedding and they are now feeling nervous and want to make sure that things are going to be perfect. They often worry about the awkward transition from upbeat intros to the start of the mellow first dance. one of the big reasons that Brickpark stands out from their competitors is their attention to detail. running a wedding from beginning to end comes easy when you have planned all the transitions from years of experience and the result that we end up with is a near perfect outcome!!

Cutting edge, elegance and fun describes BrickPark.

Brick Park is a band that is exploding with youthful energy and passion. They take pride in the music that they perform and strive to remain a highly sought after wedding band. From Contemporary Hits to Hip Hop, Motown to Country, Rock, Jazz, Acoustic Folk or Indie, Brick Park does it all. Having 5 lead singers, the band has the versatility to cover many styles of music and artists with ease.

Brick Park Clients include Abercrombie and Fitch, Microsoft, AIG International, Google, Hard Rock Cafe and more.

The impact that Brick Park has made throughout New England seems unheard of, as within three years they have skyrocketed from a rocking night club band to a most requested and recommended wedding band. The band's impressive reputation that preceeds them has certainly not been built by chance. The Brick Park name has grown to what it is today because they offer a unique musical experience that guests of all ages can appreciate and enjoy. How many times have you walked into a reception to find an 11 piece band sportin' tuxedos while performing choreographed dancing while singing "We are family"? Brick Park stepped into the wedding market with the intention to be the alternative. From the Acoustic Dinner Set to their Explosive Stage Show, this band has made their mark.

Testimonial, Video & Pictures...See for yourself what our clients are saying.


BrickPark Entertainment will work with you to ensure your wedding reception entertainment is everything you want and more. We do this with professional planning and always keeping your budget in mind.BrickPark understands customer service and practices in-depth detail planning to ensure that your day is perfect with no stone unturned.

BrickPark Entertainment Liability Insurance.


One of the top things that should be discussed right from the start when getting involved in hiring your wedding band-Liability Insurance. We believe that this is one of the most important components when hiring a band. Wedding Liability coverage protects you on your wedding day- if you're held responsible for alcohol-related accidents, property damage, or bodily injury at your wedding (or arising from it). This type of insurance is now required at many venues. If your venue requires you to obtain your own liability insurance, you are covered with BrickPark Entertainment vs hiring a band that doesn't provide it. Over the years we have encountered numerous situations where clients, that booked us a year in advance, are now calling us just months before their wedding-stressed out- because they now realize that their venue is requiring this insurance. We decided to purchase Liability Insurance to alleviate that additional stress and worry from our clients. We care about our brides and grooms and always put ourselves into a situation that allows them to rest easy, knowing that we are taking care of business on our end so that they can just enjoy their time leading up to the big day- and especially on that day! How unforunate it would be to encounter this situation, in the midst of all that you have going on just before the wedding, and realize that your band doesn't offer this. You would now have to start researching plans and pay out additional thousands of dollars for the "what ifs". Keep in mind, even if your venue doesn't require Liability insurance, accidents do happen. Liability insurance in today's world is a must!

BrickPark is among the top Boston wedding bands, Rhode Island wedding bands and New England wedding bands. Not only do we provide full wedding bands but our wedding package options include:

"We are prepared and happy to work hand in hand with our clients to make their day truly magical and unique. We aim to create trust and guidance with our clients to ensure that they have the wedding that they have always dreamed of"
--Paul Loura, Brickpark Wedding Planner

Acoustic Dinner Set

BrickPark had the vision of a romantic, candle lit dinner accompanied by the magical sound of their three guitarists strumming acoustically to Top 40 bands, like The Fray, as well as classics, such as The Beatles. Boston Wedding Bands have been highly praised as one of the highlights of the night. No one else in New England can match it! Boston Wedding Bands wanted to offer beautiful, soft, live music that allows the guests to enjoy conversations during dinner without competing with loud speakers. A must have for your special day!

BrickPark believes that the modern bride is looking for that extra touch to make her day memorable and unique. Not just a wedding day, but a wedding experience! BrickPark not only offers a contemporary set list, but has many assets to make your wedding stand out from all the rest with Boston Wedding Bands. There is nothing typical about BrickPark; they're more like cutting edge, classy and fun!

Wedding DJ Packages

BrickPark also offers the option to add a DJ to your Boston Wedding Bands package. Now you truly have the best of both worlds. When the band breaks, there will be no push of a button for pre-recorded music. The band’s personal DJ will step-in, read the crowd and keep your dance floor packed and your guests completely enjoying the wedding celebration with Boston Wedding Bands.

Special Wedding Reception Requests

The most recent addition to the Wedding Experience is one that numerous brides and grooms have written in to thank BrickPark for. As the night is coming to a close, what better way to end your wedding day than by joining the band to sing on stage? The bride and groom are welcomed on stage, and can end the night with “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey (or a song of their choice). This has truly become something the guests never forget and a wedding day memory that will be with you forever. So look no further, BrickPark Entertainment IS exactly what you need for a memorable event.

BrickPark is the first band to introduce the LED Intelligent Lighting & LED UpLighting to the Boston Wedding Bands scene. Wedding music can be displayed in many different ways; BrickPark takes a different approach to every wedding they perform. Band leader Paul Loura believes when you prepare for a wedding, you should really listen to what the bride wants. The bride has a vision, if you’re open minded and a professional, you can take it as it comes. Go with the flow, and it all seems to work out in its own special way. Make sure to read your room; volume dinner should be comfortable so guests can talk, as well as listen to the music. The band should take its break when a main course comes out. After dinner is when your band should kick it up to the next notch and perform the right music at the right time.



Boston Wedding Band

Live Band Karaoke/ Parties

If you want a fun twist for your occasion, BrickPark performs Live Boston Wedding Band
Band Karaoke. Be a rock star for a night! Live Band Karaoke is a new trend that BrickPark has spearheaded in the New England area. If you prefer a DJ, then BrickPark has professional DJ's to suit your style. Sound equipment can be provided as an option as well.

When it comes to Live Wedding Reception Music with Boston Wedding Bands, Corporate Events or Private Parties, BrickPark does it all with ten years experience in the Live Entertainment industry.

The energetic stage show and entertaining crowd rapport make BrickPark a driving force in the New England music scene. Give us a call today!

BrickPark Entertainment 

BrickPark Entertainment is a Boston based company that provides live music, live band karaoke, DJ's, and sound equipment for any occasion. Whether it is a wedding reception or a corporate event BrickPark Entertainment can do it all with professionalism and exceptional service.

BrickPark has been featured in the Boston Globe, Fox News, and has performed for numerous corporate parties including Microsoft's international party. BrickPark has also provided entertainment for numerous wedding functions and reception as well as corporate gatherings in the New England Area. BrickPark is today's Party Band!

BrickPark is amongst NE top wedding bands and has played venues all over the Greater New England area to include:

BrickPark has realized that Cape Cod Wedding Bands have an acoustic element. Although there aren’t many Cape Cod/ Massachusetts wedding bands, BrickPark has become known as the first and one of the only bands in New England to embrace and perform the acoustic wedding set at every wedding. From James Taylor, Eagles to Sublime, you can pick and customize the dinner set just the way you like it. Boston Wedding bands have an R&B/Motown feel.Rhode Island Wedding bands come across with more of a classic rock feel.  New York Wedding bands and Connecticut Wedding bands give you a big band swing, high energy, top forty feel. BrickPark tries to combine all of these styles into one. When it comes to New England Wedding bands with a  new vibe, BrickPark falls into that category. With the acoustic dinner set, and multi song introductions, BrickPark customizes your night the way you want it. BrickPark doesn’t specialize in any one thing, they just do a little bit of everything. 
Wedding Reception Bands in New England can vary musically from state to state. BrickPark has been tested over the years with many different styles, cultures, and traditions. There is no right or wrong answer. Wedding Reception Music in New York can be pumping right from the start. While Wedding Reception Music in Rhode Island has a very relaxed feel for dinner. BrickPark simply lets you go through their setlist and pick the music that suits you.

Wedding Venues

Location, location, location. BrickPark is very familiar with the greater New England area and performs at wedding receptions in New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and Newport (to include the Mansions strict guidelines of Live Music) as well as Cape Cod and surrounding islands. There is not a wedding venue in New England that BrickPark hasn't performed at! Whether you are searching for Newport, RI wedding bands, Boston wedding bands, Nantucket wedding bands or any other New England wedding bands, BrickPark will meet your needs.

Boston and Connecticut can be two of the top destinations for a wedding celebration on the planet. When a couple decides to have their wedding in Boston or Connecticut they are usually going all out. Brick Park is proven to have been a big part of wedding reception music on Boston and Connecticut for many families. Brick Park is familiar with Boston and Connecticut and understands how crucial communication and event planning between the band and clients and/or event planners is. Brick Park Entertainment for weddings in Boston or Connecticut has been there for many satisfied brides to make sure that their day was run smoothly to enjoy without any worries.

Brick Park is amongst the top Nantucket and Rhode Island wedding bandsNantucket and Rhode Island Wedding Bands are truly a unique breed. Brick Park has been performing their Acoustic Dinner Set since 2006 and remains one of the only wedding bands in Nantucket and Rhode Island to do so. When thinking of wedding bands in Rhode Island and Nantucket, Brick Park defines themselves by the unique compliments that they offer. Take for example their Acoustic Dinner Set...As elegant and unique as the atmosphere and location that the brides desire on the island. Brick Park envisioned a wedding dinner a bit different than most other bands. They felt that on that special day, the wedding party & their guests deserve something more enjoyable and appealing than what they have typically seen before. So, what better vibe to set at a Nantucket or Rhode Island Wedding than an Acoustic Dinner Set?


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